The Road


So there it is, the place where Selene had a bit of a lie down.  It happened a few feet below the dark patch of pavement.  In an odd bit of irony, one of the places that could fix the saddle bags was in the same area that we had the "incident".

As for the repairs, here's the deal.  I'm not getting a new front fender as the cost is a little on the prohibitive side.  Instead, I'll be purchasing the National Cycle chrome fender tip.  It will nicely cover the scuff mark on the the fender and should look good as well.

The shift lever is going to take some doing.  I can't seem to bend it back in place and I don't have the tools to be able to do it without scratching the hell out of it.

The last thing is the saddle bag.  We spent most of yesterday searching for an autobody shop that could get them back to original condition.  It took some doing and a bit of travel, but we found a place that will fix them up for 200 bucks and also fix the "extra" holes me and my dad drilled in them.  They should be ready by tomorrow, but I won't be picking them up until Monday due to work.

Once that's done, it's back to the parking lot for turn practice.


Allen Madding said...

I was so jealous I dumped my bike in the rain and flopped along the asphalt and the curb. So, the monkey is onw officially off of oyu and on me until someone else spills.

ride safe!

Kathleen Jennette said...

So now you can join us in the dropped the bike club! Ughghghggh.... I dumped on an incline too (almost the same story) and there's always that thought that we did something wrong, or why did I do that....The important thing is you are fine... yea a little bruised ego, but all in all you don't even need to repair Selene if you don't want too. Just ride her the way she is...she's still a good girl to ya!

Giest said...

allen: OMG...I'm so sorry to hear about the drop. I hope the monkey doesn't upset too many other people...

kt: I've honestly had a lot worse accidents then that, but none of them were on Selene. I'll get everything fixed, but it will take a bit. I'll post an update here soon. Thanks kt :)