Beginners Part II

Well, she did it. Joey officially has her beginners permit. She passed the car part of the test (ugh) early this morning and now has a little slip of paper that doesn't really do anything...

Yup, a little piece of yellow paper that isn't even laminated or made of card stock. It says that she can ride a bike, but not on the road or anywhere else... Pretty cool, eh?

She did get things straightened out as to what the permit entitles though. I am allowed to drive her and the bike to the testing lot so she can practice, but it has to be after hours. Also, if someone comes there to do parallel parking, we have to stop until they leave. That's what we will be doing until we can scrounge up the cash to pay for the course. Without taking the course, her insurance would be astronomical, so it's definitely in our best interest.

It's going to be interesting giving her the basics and making sure she can handle Selene, although I'm not sure how Selene is going to take being handled by someone else... ;) The reason for Selene being in the mix is the fact that Joey needs a large bike for the test or she will have to go back again to get the higher grade license. Aw, graduated gotta love it. Oh, and here's to my patience...may I have a lot of it...hehe.

In other news, Selene has her saddle bags on and she is looking pretty good with her big behind. ;) I'll post the pictures in the next couple of days along with the ordeal that me and my dad went through to get them mounted. Ugh, what a day.


Biker Betty said...

WooHoo, Congrats Joey!!!!! Boy the laws are really horrible in reference to motorcycles. Good luck with everything.

Kathleen Jennette said...

I am so excited for Joey!!! This will be a fun riding season for the both of you and hopefully some great stories to read. You be patient with her Geist or the Girlz will have to come out and give her lessons--Ha!
Way to Go--to the both of you!

Giest said...

Congratulations have been passed along and I promise to be patient. ;)