last night

so, i'm packing up my things at work last night and i take a quick gander at the weather. the temperature kind of floored me, i hadn't expected it to drop so low. it was a balmy -7C ( 19.4F). that is my new record for cold weather riding. i was a little chilled when i got home, but all in all it wasn't too bad. the funny thing is, once you get going, you really don't notice the cold. i mean, you know it's there, but it doesn't bother you. if i was driving the cage, i'd be shivering and swearing at the heater in hopes it would warm up faster. i don't shiver when riding, i don't complain, i just enjoy it and i don't regret it. it's not much different then riding in the summer, just more layers :)

i still haven't started using the full face helmet though. i wear my shortie, my goggles, a hoodie (under the shortie to cover my ears), and a leather face mask. there are only a couple of places that skin are exposed and in the 15 minute ride, it's not that bad. the full face would actually leave more skin exposed with no way of covering it.


Allen Madding said...

19 degrees in an open face helmet and they call me a hard tail :)

I have a cheap baclava I wear under my fullface that goes from my chin down my neck into my leather, leaving no skin exposures.

I also use a fleece scarf, but heck I'm cold natured. But you're right, I get riding and the fact it is cold out leaves my mind.

Keep riding and enjoying!