he's insane.

-3 C (26.6 F) -10 C (14 F) with the wind chill (that's not including bike speed)

the above title is most likely a caption from a cage driver's mind as i rode past him this morning. i was approaching an intersection and i noticed a car slowing down just ahead, getting ready for a left hand turn. as i passed by the car, i saw the driver shaking his head. that was the biggest compliment i could have gotten this morning. he recongnized that i was not willing to give up on this riding season quite yet, even though it's bloody freezing outside.

i thought it was just going to be another cold ride, but when i got outside i realized it was a bit windy. 28kph (17mph) winds to be exact. i was going to walk around the front of the building to see just how bad it was, but said screw it...i'm riding. i could feel the grass crunching under my feet the whole time i was outside. this also marks the first morning where Selene wouldn't stay going on the first start. the second start was fine, but i think this is her way of saying, "hey, shouldn't you be storing me sometime...like soon? oh, and that time you cleaned me? well, i'm dirty again, how about you get that bucket of warm water." demanding...sheesh.

i'm out of luck for storage areas though. the super of the building won't let me store her in the underground garage so my options are very limited. gotta find a place soon though.


Steve Williams said...

Nothing like a brisk ride to sharpen the senses and mind. I keep the Vespa running all winter and that's easier than keeping myself running in the dark and cold of winter. About to head to work and it is 21 degrees F. Wish it was a bit warmer right now but once I'm moving down the road a big smile will be on my face.

Good luck with your pushing the riding season and be careful!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Giest said...

steve: i think if i had a smaller bike or more of a dual sport i would have no issues riding all winter. the large cruiser style really doesn't scream "winter maneuverability". i know what you mean by "once I'm moving down the road a big smile will be on my face" it's the same way for me as well.