jafrum helmets

have i ever mentioned how much i love getting packages in the mail? even if i know what it is, i love it. :)

anyway, new package from Jafrum arrived...well actually, i had to go pick it up due to the fact that our mail-person is too damn lazy to buzz our apartment. but i digress...my helmets arrived! of course, in my true fashion, pictures and opinions follow.

the box came in really good shape, no holes or punctures. i was actually a little worried about having helmets coming through the mail, but it arrived in better shape then i figured it would.

here is the opened box. inside were the two helmets ordered for me and my wife. each helmet was in it's own "one size fits all" carrying bag (read: too big for the shortie) and it's own white box. no damage done to the inside boxes at all. this would mark my first experience with half helmets/shorties/skid lids/brain buckets/etc. and my thoughts will follow soon after this post.

the helmets are identical, so what i say about one applies to the other. it's flat black with a small sun visor on the front. the visor can be removed by unscrewing three large screws in the front of the helmet. once removed, you will have to put the screws back in to fill up the unseemly holes. i removed mine as i thought the visor looked silly. joey left hers on, which should resolve in any confusion as to who owns what helmet.

the construction seems solid and the fit is good for me (size large). joey says that hers is a little large, but we both have the same sized head. i wear a bandana under mine, so it's pretty snug.

the strap system is my only real complaint. these helmets use a seat buckle type of system. while this should make putting the helmet on nice and easy, it ends up having quite the opposite effect. the buckle is small and rather tedious to snap in place, you often miss the entry point on the receiving end of the buckle. also, the adjustments are made on the part that buckles in. at first glance this seems pretty secure, but after a while of riding around it actually works loose and the helmet becomes somewhat mobile on your head. i have never been a big fan of buckle systems on helmets. in my consideration, the D-ring system should be the only system used.

thankfully, there is another option. they had the foresight to leave the D-ring system on the helmet as well. the only bad part is the fact that you will still have the buckle hanging off the side of your head. i may do a little modifying with my trusty dremel tool.

over all, the helmet is quite comfortable and i am in no way disappointed with my purchase. the padding inside is soft and i have found no pressure points at all. after a ride of several hours, i have found no discomfort at all.

i'll do a final review once i get a full month out of the helmet. that will give me a good idea as to what it will be like in regard to comfort and longevity.

mind you, this has not become my main helmet. this lid is only used for short hops and rides to work. my Icon Alliance full face will be my helmet of choice for any long distance riding.


Unknown said...

hey, thanks for the review on the Jafrum short helmet. I'm thinking of getting one for my "unexpected passenger" needs ;-)

Also, I sense that the seat belt buckle can become an annoyance and am also fine using the D rings like on my full face modular.

Anyway, any further thoughts now that you've had it awhile? I'm thinking of getting one through Ebay where it's like $23 plus shipping.

Thanks again,


Giest said...

Hey Jonathan, thanks for stopping by.

The belt buckle clasp has it moments, but it gets in the way if you use the D-rings. It kinda flaps off to the side...lol.

As for a further review, check this out:


Unknown said...

If it has a quick release it's not a DOT helmet. Jafrum helmets are not DOT approved, be very careful they will not protect you if you fall. Read the following post:


The word is getting out.

Giest said...

The helmet has both the quick release "safety buckle" style and the D-ring. There are plenty of name brand helmets out there that use the safety buckle style and are very much DOT approved. You may want to check your facts a little more.

Hardee said...

I have not used them but I used www.ironhorsehelmets.com. They have been around a lot longer and that stands out to me. I also have used www.helmetsrus.com out of Florida.