first impressions

ok, so my first time out with the new helmet was a crazy new exprience. for every bike i have owned, i have also owned a full face helmet. i have always been fully protected and fully enclosed. there was once or twice where i was able to get on an abandoned dirt road and ride a little with the helmet off, but that's about it.

the day i got the new helmet i honestly wasn't thinking there would be much of a difference. not sure why i thought that, but i did.

i put it on and walk into the bathroom to look in the mirror. all i could do was laugh at myself. i looked downright silly. but once all the gear was on, it wasn't too bad. i just kept reminding myself of what the nice woman at the dealership said, "everyone looks silly in them." i know it's not really true, but it makes me feel better.

well, no better excuse to go for a ride then a new helmet. off i went.

i sat on the bike and started her up. wow, i could hear everything. the hum of the engine, the growl of the pipes, everything around me. it was really odd sitting there knowing that this is what it would be like when i got moving.

clunk, first gear and off i went.

once i got up to speed, all i could think was, wow, i can't hear anything! i could no longer hear the bike, me, or anything around me. i kept thinking; why would anyone wear this? i laughed at the fact that i had been spoiled by full face helmets.

after a bit, i got used to the wind noise and it just seemed very natural. the next thought; how can this be legal? it felt like i was wearing nothing on my head. now i knew why people liked these helmets! it was the closest thing to riding without that you can get.

another little while and i was hooked. my wrap around glasses kept all the wind and flying debris out of my eyes so there was no discomfort at all. it just felt right. now all i can think is how closed in my full face is going to seem. ;)

the next day me and joey decide to go for breakfast and give the helmets a good run. this meant a short jaunt through town and up the highway to a gas/diner spot. it's cloudy and overcast and the weather page isn't forecasting rain. heh, you think i would learn by now.

half way through breakfast, it's starts pouring. so here we are with the new open helmets and no rain gear with a good 15 to 20 minute ride home. we were laughing the whole way home slowly getting more and more wet. and just when i thought we couldn't get more wet, we did.

the glasses did well for keeping the water out of my eyes. still, my brain reaction kept making me squint for protection when i didn't need to. the only bad part was the rain hitting my lips. damn that hurts! like little needles. really can't deny how fun the ride was though.

so i'm hooked on the small helmet. i still won't use it for long distance rides though. not only would i go deaf, but i just wouldn't feel as safe. they will come with us for the upcoming Niagara trip though. they will be great for the group rides. ;)