Selene's First Ferry

Selene's First Ferry 03
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macrobe reminded me of this shot. i meant to post it a while back, but it kept slipping my mind. i would have to say that this is my new favourite shot of Selene. we had gone out for a nice ride and just decided to hit the ferries.

there are a bunch of free ferries that run across the rivers around here and you can actually make a day of just driving around and criss-crossing the rivers. with approximately 12 small ferries that make the rounds all day, on a beautiful day it can make for one heck of a relaxing trip. here is the website for the ferries.

it was nice to park the bike, get off and watch the water go by, mount up and head off to the next ferry.

a few years back we did the same thing with a friend of mine, but in a car. we hit every ferry we could and had a great time. before the summer is out, i intend to do the same thing on the bike. complete with pictures.

so yeah...Selene's first ferry crossing and my new favourite shot of her.


Biker Betty said...

What a great picture!! You should have had someone take a pic of you on it. A day going from ferry to ferry sounds like fun. Definitely something I can't do here. I'll just hop from mountain pass to mountain pass (elev. 10,000 ft & higher). When I was stationed in the Republic of Panama while in the Air Force, I took the ferry to a local island. That was fun!!!

I look forward to the photos when you do that. Betty :)

Giest said...

i would have, but the wife (she'll kill me for saying this) doesn't know how to use the digital that well. i'll get her to take a shot with her film camera. i'm kinda short on shots of me with Selene.

i'm going to try for that ferry trip very soon.

Macrobe said...

Ferry hopping..... Now *that* would be an absolutely fun adventure.
Two of my favorites: bikes and water!

If I make it up that way on my X-country trip, that would be on my list of "TO DO'S!"

Giest said...

well, if you do, make sure you look me up. would be glad to make the ride with you!

Macrobe said...

Great! That would be fun.
I hope to also do the ferry up to Alaska when I go. Riding the Alaskan-Canadian Hwy on the way back.
Ferry rides on both coasts; awesome :)