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By the tracks 01
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i really love how cameras don't pick up all the small details that the naked eye would pick up. otherwise you would notice all the dirt on Selene and not notice how pretty she is. :)

this was taken while out for a daily ride on the back roads around Rothesay, New Brunswick. the roads are twisty, but in bad shape so you have no choice but to go slow. that's ok though, the scenery makes it well worth the slow ride.


Macrobe said...

Remember that all that glitters is not gold. And many times under a layer of dust or dirt is a diamond.

It's okay to have a dirty bike. It doesn't detract from the character of it. It's under the dirt that counts.

Besides. A dirty bike demonstrates that you ride :)

Have fun on your trip.

Biker Betty said...

The pic of your bike looks great!

Lately, I can't keep my bike clean and I've kind of given up at the moment. It looks like a pig with the dried mud even on the gas tank. I keep getting caught in rain lately. My husband has been teasing me, Ms Clean, about my bike and even cleaned it some himself!! LOL

Kathleen Jennette said...

It sure is a nice picture...can't see the bugs from my view. I think I will take a pic of my windshield before I clean it today!!! Yikes--bugs galore! Looks like a nice ride though. Are they twisties or hairpin turns?

Giest said...

they are regular twisties, but blind twisties with hidden drive ways. no choice but to go slow.