And done...

It seems early, really early, for me to be putting the bike away. In truth, it is. I could conceivably get another month out of the season, possibly more, but I'd be really risking it. If we did happen to get a big snowfall that stuck around, I wouldn't have a way to get my bike to storage. Considering my storage area is now about 30 minutes away through back roads, riding there once the snow sticks is out of the question.

Last stop of the season.

A friend and fellow riding buddy was nice enough to offer me winter parking if I couldn't find anything better. So now she is squirreled away in a shed sharing lots of space with a Harley dresser.

Once parked, it was time for a comparison.

Pulled out of storage March 4th, 2011.
Stored November 26th, 2011.

So yeah, crappy season over all. 3254 km for this riding season, very disappointing.. I was really hoping to roll fifty thousand this summer, but I guess I'll have to wait until after winter is done with us again.

And that's it, it's a wrap. She's covered, stored and the battery is out. It was hard to put her away, but it's nice to have somewhere for her to sleep.

Still going...

More still...

And so it starts...

Last Run

I had a really good last run with a couple of guys a couple of weekends ago. Put on just over 300 kms of straight riding. I'd never been riding with them before and didn't know what to expect. We rode from Saint John to Sussex for a stop and then it was non-stop to Moncton. A few stops in Moncton at some shops and then a quick stop for gas. After that, it was a straight out run all the way back to Saint John. No stops for coffee, cigarettes or bathroom breaks...straight out run. It was great and something that I always love. It gives my mind plenty of time to wind out and break down things that have been clogging up the works.

That was the last run for both of them. Stablizer had already been put in their tanks and the bikes were to be stored that very evening. It was pretty much the last run for me as well. I lose my heated parking spot at the end of this month and I'll have to move her to a friends house for storage. I hate thinking that my bike will be so far away, but at least I know she'll be safe.

My plan is to get her there this coming weekend, but it looks like Mother Nature is tossing in the usual curve ball. Tomorrow is supposed to be bringing 25-35 cm of snow and 30-40 km/h winds. I'm really hoping that it doesn't stick around, but it doesn't bode well. I don't need to be trying to resource a trailer to move my bike.

November Riding

Well, the first snowfall was October 30th. Couldn't have been happier to have the Jeep when we visited my parents that weekend. It didn't stick around long considering the whole day was snow or rain or both. Fun driving through it all with the Jeep though. Winter is going more fun this year then it ever has been.

Right now we are having some very unseasonal November weather that's keeping our temperatures in the teens. It's making the rides to work very nice, but there isn't a lot of recreational riding going on. I have to keep things limited due to a very limited front tire. Not a whole lot of rubber left there and I'll definitely have to spring for a new tire in the...spring...