Oh shit…

Well now, it's been a while and here we are in September. I've thought about posting, but I don't like using this space as a woe is me area. I’d rather just hide away for a while and deal with things on my own. Suffice to say a lot has been going on and not all of it was good.

This summer has been absolute crap and a lot of my biker buddies have run into problems or have found other things to do, so I haven't gotten a lot of riding done. I still ride to work pretty much all the time, but weekend rides got stymied due to personal problems.

On the plus side, I finally got something that may make winter a bit more tolerable. I picked up a second hand Jeep and did a few modifications to it. Now the snow storms won't be so much of an issue.

Here she is the day I brought her home

Garnet red 2003 Jeep Liberty

Yeah, there is still snow on the ground there. These pictures were taken a bit before summer and it’s when she was completely stock.

 Reasonably rugged looking.

So, little by little I added things like a lift.

Bit more clearance? Yes please.

Then tires.

Now we are talking.

New Jeepin by Al upper control arms.

Better spring clearance and tougher build.

And lastly (definitely not finally) a new paint job.

 Sahara tan from the 2011 Jeep Wrangler

Loving the bars on the hood.

Still need a rim and tire.

I’ve still got a few other things to do. I need a new spare rim and tire and I need new badges to put on her as well. Those plastic bits need to be painted black too. All in all, I’m quite pleased and she is very fun to drive. Winter may actually be tolerable this time around.

On that note, the bike isn’t away yet and I’ll be riding for as long as I bloody well can!


Canajun said...

Nice work on the Jeep. And good to hear the bike isn't put away yet - keep riding!

MeanStreak said...

Nice Liberty! Be warned, they're as addictive as bikes, I used to be big into Jeeps and rockcrawlin' in what seems like a previous life. They're a blast when you actually use them off-road!! Enjoy!!

Giest said...

Thanks gents! Yup, they are just as addicting and fun. First time I've had fun driving in a long long time. The Jeep is a manual tranny too, so it's even more fun. I've had the Jeep off-road tons of times, hence the needing a new rim...haha!

Lucky said...

Giest - Dude! I was starting to wonder where to send the flowers... Nice to see you back on the blog.

Nice work on the Jeep. I'm sure it'll serve it's purpose well in the coming winter (which will be here soon enough).

In the meantime, keep ridin'!

Cheers mate,

Giest said...

I thought the same of you for a while there, Lucky! Good to see you're still around too.

WyzWmn© said...

there you are!

good to see yer still alive and kickin dood!