Fall = Suck

The change in the season has brought too many changes and too many problems.  Any time I get to myself now I spend on bike, as long as it’s okay with Mother Nature.  We are having a typical Maritime autumn with cold temperatures and gale force winds.  There was barely enough time to see the leaves change before they were blown away.

As usual, I be pushing my riding season as far as I possibly can with hopes that the new fairing will make things more bearable when the temps drop below freezing.  I can already notice a difference during my ride to work with my hands being mostly protected and the wind taken off my chest.  Definitely no regrets on that purchase.

Really, it’s just the same shit happening all the time.  There’s too much crap going on for me to be in a good mood to post anything.  Winter is just around the corner which means I won’t even be able to use my bike to cool off or escape.  I think I’ll probably just let this go dormant until something happens to make me the person I used to be…

ciao for now.