Where have I been

It's been a hell of a summer, really.  The weather around here has been great...hence the minimal posts.  August has been a whirl wind of "if it's nice...GET YOUR ASS ON THE BIKE!"

Other things have been sitting on my mind as well, including making one major change in my life.  I was all ready to head back to school, but nerves got the better of me and I backed out.  We just have way too much debt for us both to be in school.  Maybe we'll be a little more solid next year and I'll be able to do something I want, instead of something I need.  Also...my work schedule changed...and I'm not too fond of it.

Two weekends ago was my riding club's national rally in Halifax.  We packed up the bike and headed out early on a Friday morning.  You couldn't have paid for better weather then what we had.  And you couldn't have asked for a better time.  We met lot's of new people and I slept in a tent for the first time in...shit...I can't remember.  Suffice to say...a long ass time ago.  I got a few pics that I'll toss up.

We got lost on the way down, due to my own stupidity and instead of learning from it, I got pissed off and just made things worse.  Oh well, I'm my dad through and through.  Guess I'll mellow out sooner or later.

Last weekend we took a trip down to a little island near the border (Deer Island).  It was a nice trip and the island, although small, was quite picturesque.  I'll have to do a solo photo trip down there.  Hard to stop and take pics when you are in a group ride.



Dean "D-Day" said...

Glad you got out.
Looking forward to the pics.