First ride

Well, I'm not officially riding, but I have been out for a ride.  Things are still a bit on the cool side here with morning temps around -8C (46F) and the roads still a bit icy.

I did get out for a ride on March 8th and 9th, but it wasn't because I wanted to.  Joey brought the car in for it's MVI and it a big way.  Brakes and rotors needed replacing and the topper was the oil pan.  Apparently our fantastic roads found a way to scratch the shit out of the oil pan resulting in a rather bad leak.  No car for us.  The next two days resulted in us using the bike to get around and pick up the new oil pan.  The 8th was nice and well above freezing, but the 9th was quite cold and demanded full face helmets.

On the plus side, looks like I don't need a new battery.  A couple of turnovers and Selene fired right up.  Now she just needs a full clean up and fluid check.