While I'm on it...

The Honda bashing, that is.  I have issues with this

I'm gonna sound like an elitist jerk here, but so be it.  Here we go...beautiful bike, but things like this are going to make motorcycling a little too accessible.  This is a fully clutchless 1200cc machine and the only thing I can think of is that someone will be screaming down the highway talking on a cell phone because - WOW, now I have a free hand!  My prediction is that the more prolific these types of bikes get the more you will see things scarier then someone doing a wheelie down the highway.  A motorcycle is what it is because every part of you is involved in making that machine work and stay on the road.  You don't pay attention...you pay the price.

I know this isn't a first and it certainly isn't a first for Honda, but I can't say the DN-01 ever worried me that much.  Interesting "bike", but not much staying power.

Yes I know you can get the bike in manual, yes I know you can make the automatic into a shifter.  The fact is this type of full production bike opens the door for others to go, "We can do that..." The thought horrifies me as there are enough things to worry about while riding.

So there you have it, I'm an elitist.  So say what you will and correct in where I'm wrong, but I don't want tons of people discovering my favourite thing to do, and I don't want them ruining it for the rest of us.  I certainly don't want to see someone cruising down the road at or above speed limit while trying to answer that desperately important phone call.

Disclaimer: No disrespect to scooter riders.  I know you are all a cool respectful bunch that would have better sense then to do that.