No more riding

At least for a while, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Yesterday was "ride it like you stole it day" for me.  It was my last day to ride for a while and I took advantage of it as much as I could.  I took Joey out for a spin before she went off to work and then the rest of the evening was mine.  I hit the back roads and did some of the most aggressive riding I've done in quite some time.  Nothing too far over the speed limit, but I was pushing my own limits on the twisties.  it was great though and I haven't felt quite that "alive" in some time.  It's nice to ride with my group and go on leisurely country rides, but every now and then you have to break out.  Yesterday reminded me of why I usually ride alone.

I took my camera with me, but for some reason I didn't want to stop.  Stopping meant taking me out of my groove and I was having way too much fun to do that.

Now to the reason I won't be riding.  I have to go in for surgery tomorrow and it's going to put me out for a bit.  No heavy lifting for two months, no work and no riding for a minimum of two weeks.  So you can see why I hit the road as hard as I did yesterday.

I have no doubt that I'm going to be a bear to live with and every sunny day is going to make it worse.

I'll report back when it's all said and done.  We'll see how long I'm actually kept off the bike...