Today was the day

Looking out the window this morning, I was greeted with everything covered in frost, but the roads were bone dry.  It was a balmy -6C (21F), which accounted for the frost, but there was no wind.  How could I resist?

I grabbed my gear, suited up and blissfully enjoyed my ride to work.  I think I may have enjoyed it a little too much though...I was 11 minutes late.

I even managed to get out for a while yesterday.  It was much colder, but a quick stop at a Tim Horton's for an extra large warmed me up.  I got to hook up with one of my Officers from the club as well.  After coffee we went for a little spin and I put in the first tank of gas for the season.

Before I headed out for that ride though, I put one of my Xmas gifts from Joey to use.

Excuse the crappy dark pic, but I only had my cell phone on me at the time.  That's my ride bell with a Canadian flag on it.  Love it.

That's it for now.  Check back later for a write up on how you save 300+ dollars on maintenance for your bike.