For those of you who hop by here, I'm still alive.  Not that you were thinking I was dead or least I hope not.

I'm still going strong and riding whenever I can.  As you all know, I don't give up easily when the weather takes a turn for the nippy.  This morning was a whole 1 degree Celsius (33.8 F) and a tad on the windy side.  I've smartened up a bit though and switched from my shortie to the full face helmet.  The difference in comfort for riding in cooler temps is great and I should have done it last year.  Oh well, live and learn.  I use my leather face mask to wrap around my neck to keep the cold from diving straight into my jacket.

The only problem I'm having, and this is a carry over from last year, is that my gloves are crap.  By the time I get to work (15 minute ride) my hands are freezing.  I'm not willing to get heated gloves.  To me that's just too much trouble and money for such a short ride.

Oh well, I'm sure I'll find something sometime soon.  In the meantime, ride safe!


Allen Madding said...

Non-electric gloves seem to do very little below 40 degrees F. I bought thicker and thicker and even road with my summer gloves inside a pair of winter gloves. The fact that 60-70mph wind is running across your fingers is a bit much for normal gloves to resolve. I'm using Tourmaster electric gloves and have been pleased with the results. You wire a simple harnass onto the battery terminals of the bike that provides a connector for the gloves. The gloves themselves have a controller on one wrist that has the on/off and the heat setting. I rode in 19 degree F weather last year with them and no red stinging fingers!


Giest said...

You're right, I may have to invest in a set of those. When I think about it, it would definitely extend my riding season.