Back to the RL

RL meaning real world. The vacation is over and I sit here in my usual spot at work. I had a full nine day stretch to relax, ride and visit and that's exactly what I did.

Joey wasn't able to get the same amount of time that I was so we made due with what we had. We managed to fit in a full road trip to another province and a smaller road trip, via car, with our daughter.

Along with all that, I had family visiting my parents for that whole stretch. It was great to see my aunt, uncle and their kids again. I was able to stay at mom and dads for my whole vacation, it's nice to be around family.

The bike road trip was to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to hit the Cabot Trail. It was only a two day trip, but it was truly about the ride. I think anyone who rides two wheels should ride the Cabot Trail at some point. The scenery is gorgeous and the twisties are to die for...quite literally. Most times you are riding the edge of a rather steep drop in elevation.

It was quite an adventure and next time it will be longer then a couple of days. We plan to get a cottage near the beach and use it as a base camp to explore the island.

I'll have a write up for the trip ready (hopefully) for tomorrow along with a few pictures. Speaking of which, you can see them all right here.


Vinod said...

Nice pics....very scenic. And those roads.....awesome!

delrond said...

Great blog man! keep up the the great posts.

Any feedback on my blog would be greatily appreciated!

Giest said...

vinod: Awesome does not begin to describe those roads! If I can swing it for next time, I would love to get a video of taking those turns.

delrond: Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comment!

Kathleen Jennette said...

Looks so great!
By the way, congrats on your anniversary!