If it wasn't for bad news...

we wouldn't know what good news is.

Our car is dying. It might last a couple of months or a couple of weeks, but either way we are going to lose our main mode of transportation. It's a 1998 Dodge Neon and has recently blown it's third head gasket. Aside from that, the engine is making an awful grinding noise and the transmission is giving out. Replacing both would cost us a cool two grand and honestly, I don't think it's worth it. It's time to move on.

In the meantime, my bike is still in the shop getting it's tires put on. Next time, I'll have the tools to take off the wheels because this is wacky. There is no way that it should take a week to get the tires changed. It sure as hell would take a lot of wear and tear away from the car and save us the trouble of driving around in a vehicle that sounds like it's going to explode.

So, today (the gorgeous day that it was) was spent doing this...

Test drive

While I felt like this...


I'm sure there is good news out there...somewhere...right?


Lucky said...

Giest - I feel your pain, brother. Is Selene over at Eldridge's to get new shoes? I can't believe it would take them that long to put some new rubber on! But then again, I had the same problem with Hi-Tech here in Moncton when I first had Silver. Brought it in for an oil change and chain lube which ended up taking three days and costing me $150! Needless to say, I haven't been there since. I usually go to G. Bourque's in Dieppe; they're a Kawi shop but they service just about everything. A tire change usually takes them about an hour.

Good luck with the new cage - is that a Vibe?


Biker Betty said...

Wow, that does seem way too long. It's not like they should have a lot to do this time of year. You should have come here to Colorado, lol. I had to get my front tire replaced last month. It wasn't holding air and the tread was just about gone. I dropped it off in the morning and it was ready later that day. I was really lucky, the tire was on sale, too. Hope Selene gets out soon.

Betty :)

Giest said...

lucky: Yup, she's at Eldridge's. I knew there was going to be a bit of a delay due to the fact that a lift is out of commission, but I really would have figured she would be done by now. They have until Monday before I really start bitching. I'm back to work on Tuesday and I really don't want to drive the car.

Good eye...yeah, that is a Vibe. Not going for it though, it's a little out of our price range. We are thinking about getting a G5.

Betty: Hmmm, a ride to Colorado...I'd be game, but I don't think the original rubber would have made it...hehe. Unfortunately they are kind of busy over there. The weather here took a turn for the warm and all the bikes are out. Oh well, they better have her ready for Monday.