A driver in her early 20s faces two charges of criminal negligence causing death after she came to a complete stop on a highway to allow a family of ducks to cross, causing a collision that killed a teenaged girl and her father.

Andre Roy, 50, and his 16-year-old daughter, Jessy, were riding a motorcycle on Highway 30 in Candiac when they slammed into the car stopped on the road ahead of them.

Roy was pronounced dead at the scene, while his daughter later died in hospital.

The teen's mother, who had been driving a second motorcycle, also collided with the vehicle and suffered serious injuries.

She remains in hospital in serious condition.

Surete du Quebec Sgt. Ronald McKinnis said the young woman who stopped on the highway actually got out of her car to help the ducks.

Stopping a vehicle on a highway is prohibited in the province of Quebec.



Whaddya got?

Why has it taken me so long to watch this movie?

Annex - Brando, Marlon (Wild One, The)_01

The Wild One…fantastic…loved it.


So Friday morning I drag my ass out of bed, grab a shower and wander out to the kitchen to start up my coffee.  Slowly gathering my senses so I can get out on the road and ride.  The sun is out and the temperature is already rising.

The phone rings and it’s one of my riding buddies that doesn’t get out much.  The first words out of his mouth, “Wanna go for a ride?”  I can’t deny him, he’s a busy guy so I don’t get out with him much.  He wants to head out later in the day, so I lounge around the house for a while and then meet him at our local Tims.

I’m glad I agreed cause I found out he is the same style of rider as I am.  Point the wheel and go…no destination.  You know you’re having a good time when you both pull up to a stop sign, look at each other and say, “How the hell did we get here?!”.

When that ride was done, I picked up the wife and hopped by the local Tims again.  We hooked up with a couple other riding buddies which led to another ride across town.  After that me and the wife went out for a bite to eat.

All said and done, over 360Km logged and never set foot in the cage.  I love days like that.  You just never want to stop.

Yes please

My weekend starts tomorrow and I sure as hell wouldn’t mind those temperatures.





Not taken with my usual camera cause I can’t find my damn memory cards.  But still a couple of nice shots.


Need to get out

Once again, my head is a mess and I need a good meditation ride.  Just me, Selene and the road.  I think Friday I’ll pack a lunch, pack a camera and head down the coast for a few hours.  Extended forecast looks promising thus far.

Friday blues

Rode into work today with just a hoodie and my vest on.  I sure as shit don’t want to be sitting at a desk today.

I should be riding!!


So it started off dry…


Then got really wet…


It got too bad and with the threat of thunder storms, we bailed before leaving the city.  We did get our pledges in and got the parade around the city done.

There was a decent showing even though the weather was threatening all morning.  Hopefully there was still a large amount of pledges collected.  Hate to see a cause like this suffer due to Mother Nature.

Tomorrow's Ride


Looks like we may get sprinkled on during the Ride for Dad.  Iffy weather like this usually makes for a low turnout which is really disappointing.  I’ll be there regardless…with my rain suit…that I probably won’t even wear.


I want to wake up in the morning and think, “What do I want to do with my day?” instead of thinking, “How much sick time do I have left?”